New Programming Blog Category

I have decided to add a blog category for programming, yes computer programming. Programming is a very creative and fun thing to do. You could program a website, program a bath file to manage your files or program a software program to read you the outside temperature.

Far too many school students are leaving school having studied programming but could not explain 5 computer variable types. That would be like asking a keen cook to name 5 cooking ingredients that you could use in a sweet and savoury dish.

Over the next few months please join me on a journey for basic programming.


  • Programming basics.
  • Different types of programming.
    • Windows Software Programming.
    • Webpage programming.
    • Database programming.
    • iPhone/iPad and Android Programming.

I will hope to demonstrate programming using as much free software as possible. Worst case you may require a personal website but that is a cheap as $5 a month (via a host like

Show me the programming posts.