Setting up an iPod for a non-adult (unofficial guide)

Apple for legal reasons do not allow minors to setup an Apple ID and purchase music, apps, games etc. If you try and create an Apple ID for a minor apple will say thanks but no thanks. The next best solution is to setup the iPod with a parents Apple ID and share music and content to the device on a file by file basis (this is a pain), but what happens when the child grows up and leaves home ? There is no way you can split years of paid music/videos into a different account. Also sharing a parents Apple ID causes issues with purchasing content as an adult and child, Apple Gift cards received at XMAS would have to be handed to the parent to then make purchases.

This guide is not the official method for setting up an iPod for a (responsible) child but I see this as the best way to setup a new iPod for a minor.

Steps to Setup an iPod for a minor (“joe blogs”) but with age appropriate restrictions

  1. Create a separate desktop (Windows or Mac) login for “joe blogs”.
  2. Download the latest version of iTunes.
  3. Plugin the iPod into the computer.
  4. Allow the iPod to backup and update the iPod operating system to the latest version (e.g 7.0.4).
  5. Create an email address for “joe blogs” (I recommend you buy your own domain (e.g ) they you can create email accounts for your family (e.g [email protected])
  6. On the Desktop (Windows or Mac) open iTunes and click the Store then Create Apple ID Account. Link the apple ID to the new email account and set the age to the parents age (not the child’s). Set a VISA Debit as the payment type (don’t worry we won’t be making any purchases) this is just a temporary measure to verify the account is an adults.
  7. Verify the apple ID email that was sent to the email address.
  8. Open the Music app on the iPod, Click store then scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click Sign In. Sign in with the apple ID.
  9. Redeem a gift card ($30 would be fine).
  10. Go to the Apple Music store and make a purchase, Apple will ask you to verify the debit card CCV before making purchase. The purchase should come from the gift card credit and not the debit card.
  11. Open the music app, click store, scroll down to payment information and remove VISA card from payment information (select none).
  12. Open iTunes on the desktop and open the store menu then view account, sign in and click Payment Information. Remove and debit cards from the payment list.
  13. Now on the iPod go to Settings, general, Restrictions, select a password that only the adults will know).
  14. Specify age appropriate settings in the restrictions screen (Go hard and lock things down, worst case you can unlock features later).
  15. Go back to settings then general and set a passcode lock.
  16. Educate you kids on using gift cards, not buying in app purchases and virtual goods.
  17. Monitor your kids often.

Now the minor can have a locked down age appropriate iPod but still receive gift cards and purchase under their own name instead of searching for shifty/free content.
Hope this helps someone.