Can’t consume. Coffee is of unacceptable quality. (Error 6661.7)

Can’t consume. Coffee is of unacceptable quality. (Error 6661.7)
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You tried to consume coffee which is of an unacceptable quality.
The beverage did not reach quality controls for one of these reasons:
• You used the Decaffeinated method and opened the wrong container for access.
• In terms of Visual Basic, you are using the Coffee control, and you set the Instant property to True.
• The caffeine brand is defined as vbCheap in the office system or by your colleagues.
• The coffee is stored in a non airtight container.
• In a office system, you don’t have access privileges for the sugar container.
• When working with an expresso OCX, the machine or one of its objects (such as a tap control or water container) may have been set to vbSlow. You may not have adequate skills or abilities to manipulate this OCX with your user name and password.

Clear the cup (or mug if using NT kernel), resolve the unacceptable condition, and then refill the cup/mug for read/write access.

By Jolyon 1990s