How to create custom partitions on a usb key (boot key) on Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 does not allow you to create a custom partition size on a USB key (needed for some netbooks to boot from USB key).

    1. Open Elevated Command Prompt
    2. Run diskpart
    3. Type Rescan
    4. Type “list disk” to show all disks.
    5. Type the disk that you want to partition (in my case partition “4”). Make sure you select the right disk or your will delete your data with no prompts).

Enter these commands (note my custom partition size if 3072, change to your custom size).


Create Part Primary size=3072



Format fs=fat32 quick Label=”Boot”

Create part primary


Format fs=fat32 quick Label=”Deploy”



Tips on soldering circuits on strip vero boards (part 1)

Tips on soldering circuits on strip vero boards (part 1).

1. Have a final circuit design (prototype on a large breadboard first with all sensors etc).
2. Print the final circuit design (both sides).
3. Have a cut list.
4. Test cutting strips and cross strip joining with solder or wire.
5. Solder least expensive parts first.
6. Solder shortest parts second.
7. Consider a complete arduino as a base ($40) compared to the time building a $30 system from scratch. Pros and cons of custom over standard shields.

More tips to come.